One Book, One Vancouver Has Even More in Store for Fall

SOURCE: Vancouver Public Library

Break out the hot chocolate, put on your skates, ring your cowbells and go for the gold - more importantly, get ready to have more fun then you can shake a hockey stick at! Fall is finally here and One Book, One Vancouver: The Host City Reads , Vancouver's largest city-wide book club, is still going strong.

So far, hundreds of people have read about one of Canada's greatest sports successes, The Crazy Canucks: Canada's Legendary Ski Team by Janet Love Morrison and children and families were thoroughly entertained by The Farm Team by Linda Bailey.

Our two wild and crazy winning titles have popped up all over the city - at farmers' markets, Car Free Day events, community festivals and on beaches, buses and in homes and libraries.

Participants have also enjoyed exciting and fun-filled events, like sports fairs, film screenings, puppet shows, author readings and workshops, all designed to bring the books alive.

But wait! There's more! From now until December, more wild and crazy events are being planned in celebration of this year's One Book, One Vancouver's titles. Be sure to check out upcoming events like The Word on the Street, free family skates, bookmark contests, photography and writing workshops and author events!

In the meantime, there are hundreds of copies our wild and crazy titles are available for you to borrow at your library. To reserve a copy of this year's winning titles, visit any Vancouver Public Library branch or reserve a copy on our online catalogue.

So, snuggle up at home after a cold, rainy Vancouver da and enjoy great story or two of how a few crazy and talented Canadian kids and team of enthusiastic farm animals beat the odds and made their wildest dreams come true. Happy reading!


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