General Gordon school community gains insight into Neighbhourhod of Learning and Development pilot

More than 140 people attended an open house Thursday evening to learn about ideas for the Neighbourhood Centre of Learning and Development pilot at General Gordon Elementary School in Vancouver's Kitsilano neighbourhood.

Parents and those living near the school had an opportunity to speak to members of the project team, and gain a better understanding of what might be possible as the Vancouver School District moves ahead with a seismic project at the school.

The NCLD pilot at Gordon was announced in September 2008. The aim is optimize the use of upgraded school facilities by bringing together education and community services into a single neighbourhood hub. The pilot is part of the Provincial Seismic Mitigation Program.

An enhanced NCLD school may be used for services such as early learning or child-care programs, office or meeting rooms for non-profit organizations, health clinics, sports programs, family resource or seniors' centres, industry training, or branch libraries.

Those who attended the open house were provided with an overview of the consultation to date and an introduction to 21st century learning and school design principles. The team from Vancouver School Board also provided an overview of the NCLD Project timeline moving forward and received community feedback on the proposed NCLD space program. Please see the General Gordon open house boards below for details.

The community feedback received will be incorporated into a finalized school NCLD space program report. The next steps in the process involve reaching agreement on the proposed NCLD school space program and proceeding with architectural design analysis to identify an optimal design solution for the school.

The deadline to provide comments is November 27, 2009. 


Background on NCLD projects:

Vancouver school district was the first to create three Neighbourhoods of Learning Model Schools by partnering with the Province of British Columbia. Queen Mary Elementary, General Gordon Elementary and Lord Strathcona Elementary - Vancouver's oldest school - will undergo renovations to restore their historical buildings or replacement, and will include services on site that will benefit students and the community.

In Spring 2009 the district held three visioning sessions intended to bring the school communities together with local and provincial agencies in order to develop a vision for the Neighbourhood Centres of Learning & Development (NCLD).

This was also a chance for agencies and members of the school and community who had not yet been involved in the process to learn more about the NCLD concept, overall vision and the specific objectives and values of these three schools.

Through this session, participants were given an opportunity to discuss potential synergies between the agencies and school to see how they might work together in a future NCLD.


Reference materials:

1. Nov 19, 2009 General Gordon open house boards


2. Nov 19 General Gordon open house Comment Form

Please return the comment form by fax/email to Brook & Associates by Nov 27

Fax: 604 731-9075

Email: bchisholm@brookdev.com


2. General Gordon Visioning Session


3. Ministry of Education website for background info on NCLD.


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