Bill Cosby goes to Van Tech

Legendary actor and comedian Bill Cosby took to the stage at Vancouver Technical Secondary School Nov. 13 to make a special engagement. Cosby, who was in town for performances at the River Rock casino, presented an hour-long comedic monologue about the trials and tribulations of growing up, school, dating, teen sex, technology and parenting.

Best known for his role as Dr. Cliff Huxtable in the 1980's sitcom The Cosby Show, Cosby is passionate about education and earned his Doctor of Education degree from the University of Massachusetts in 1976.

Cosby asked to visit Van Tech after hearing of its reputation for service to the community and its successful specialized programs for "at risk" youth.

Cosby began his monologue: "I'm 72 years and I used to be 14." He told the attentive audience of students and teachers that as a teacher and parent he is interested in youth.

"My sincerity is my love for youth that may be missing the opportunity - sometimes opportunity is being missed because someone hasn't made contact with you and stayed on you. Old people give you warnings about who you are."

Throughout the hour-long presentation Cosby made the audience laugh with his jokes, animated facial expressions and gestures. One of the biggest laughs of the day came when Cosby mimicked a teen ignoring his parents at the dinner table by text messaging friends on his phone.

He implored the teachers and parents in the crowd to show their children attention and love. "Technology is taking you away from them."

And to the youth he said step away from the computer and cell phones and "talk to human beings."

Cosby proved by his frank and funny discussion that he can relate to the challenges youth feel when growing up and by the cheers at the end of his show he definitely made some new fans at the school.




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