New schools planned for UBC/University Endowment Lands

The Vancouver School Board recently held a series of open houses to inform the public about their plans for two new schools at University of British Columbia/University Endowment Lands.

Currently, the facilities on the UEL include University Hill Secondary and University Hill Elementary. Both schools are at capacity and many students must travel out of the catchment area to attend school. This situation has created a rare and unique opportunity for the school district to establish an educational program and set of facilities that will combine the best professional practices, physical facilities and educational resources to accommodate the learning needs of the community.

The Vancouver Board of Education and UBC are currently finalizing the transfer of the National Research Council building (3250 East Mall) in order for it to be redeveloped as a Grade 9-12 school. At an Open House on Sept. 22 VSB planners and representatives from Graham Hoffart Mathiasen Architects displayed preliminary proposals and sketches for the redevelopment of the National Research Council of Canada building (3250 East Mall) into a new University Hill Secondary School for Grade 9-12.

At an Open House on Sept. 16 the public was invited to explore the preliminary educational concepts and site issues related to the redevelopment of the University Hill Secondary School site (2896 Acadia Road) into a new school to accommodate students from Kindergarten to Grade 8.  The existing school will be redeveloped, creating essentially two schools within a school. Kindergarten through Grade 5 will be housed in one wing, while a second wing will house Grades 6-8, with the two schools sharing core facilities to maximize learning opportunities. This site can also be expanded to accommodate future growth in the south campus area.

It is also proposed that University Hill Elementary school (5395 Chancellor Blvd.) be realigned to create a kindergarten through Grade 5 school, which is more appropriately matched to the building's capacity. University Hill Elementary school was built for 380 students.

UBC/UEL projects 2009-2013

Reconfigure existing University Hill Elementary School. 60 full time Kindergarten; 350 Grade 1-5

Replace existing University Hill Secondary School Site (Acadia Road) with a NEW K-8 School.

  • New K-8 school will have 60 full time Kindergarten; 350 Grade 1-5; 450 Grade 6-8.
  • Phase 1 mobilization and construction: Sept 2010-Dec 2011
  • Phase 2 mobilization and construction: March 2012 - March 2013

Redevelop existing NRC Building to accommodate new University Hill Secondary School

  • Construction will take place June 2010-Dec 2011
  • 800 Grade 9-12 students


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