Kitisilano Secondary's Renewal Plans

About 250 people attended a March 3 Open House at Kitsilano Secondary with more than 120 taking time to complete Comment Forms. The purpose of the Open House was to provide an overview of the Planning Principles and consultation process; to propose a Preferred Concept Design Plan for the school; to propose the community amenities as part of the Neighbourhood Learning Centre initiative, and to recieve community feedback.

The Consultant Team will be compiling the feedback received from the Open House and a Summary Report of the Open House event will be made available to the public later in the month. The Consultant Team will consider the feedback received and further refinements will be made to the Proposed Preferred Concept Design Plan.

Still need time to submit your comments? The interactive version of the Comment Form will remain online until end of day March 10. 

For more information contact Elizabeth FitzZaland, Tel: 604-687-2281 ext.226, E-mail: Kits@cityspaces.ca. Follow this link to the CitySpaces website.

Open House Boards

Open House Comment Form

Click here to access the on-line Open House Comment Form. The electronic comment form will be avaialble online until the end of the day on March 10, 2010.

Development of the Draft Concept Design Plan & Phasing

The Project Consultant Team developed the proposed concepts and the accompanying materials with input from the  VSB Steering Committee, Kitsilano School Planning Team (KSPT), Kits staff and students.

Renewing Kitsilano Secondary

Kitsilano Secondary School has embarked on a concept design planning process to create a renewed and seismically safe school. Developing this plan is a high priority for the Vancouver School Board during the 2009/10 school year.

The process will result in the completion of a Concept Design Plan and submission of a Capital Project Agreement to the BC Ministry of Education in June 2010 to fund detailed designs and construction.

The aim is to create a student-focused learning environment for the 21st century, and to identify ways to expand the school into a Neighbourhood Learning Centre through the inclusion of community uses.

Read Kitsilano Secondary School Renewal Plan Newsletter  Feb 2010

Read Kitsilano Secondary School Renewal Plan Newsletter  Jan 2010

Click here to see the Draft Planning Principles - Revised Dec 2009

Overview of Kitsilano School

With current enrolment at around 1,500, the facility also includes a mini school (a student enrichment program) and a French Immersion program.

While the building has numerous components and additions, it is the main 1927 heritage block that continues to be an iconic part of the Kitsilano neighbourhood. Designed in the "Tudor Revival" style, this block is included, along with a later addition, on the Vancouver Heritage Registry.

Recent analysis has revealed that almost the entire school has a high seismic safety risk and that it deficient in structural requirements relative to the Vancouver Building Bylaw. Other deficiencies include an inadequate physical layout, the absence of a sprinkler system, and outdated electrical and mechanical systems. In addition, some of the existing building materials contain hazardous materials, such as asbestos.

Kitsilano Secondary Vision Summary - February 2009

The primary purpose of the event was to engage all members of the "Kits community" in discussion about a vision and priorities for a renewed school. This was an opportunity for staff, parents of Kits and feeder schools, students, alumni and other community members to come together, obtain information, engage in discussion, and share their ideas for the Kits seismic upgrade and school renewal process.

Click here for the Vision Summary (pdf)

What is the Project Charter?

The Project Charter is a project management document that identifies how the Vancouver School Board and consultants CitySpaces Consulting Ltd. will work together to meet the project objectives, critical success factors, address potential issues or constraints, and bring the project components together in a Draft Capital Project Agreement.

Click here for the Project Charter (pdf)

What is a Neighbourhood Learning Centre?

Neighbourhood Learning Centres are an initiative of the Provincial Seismic Mitigation Program that brings schools and local community services together into single neighbourhood hubs.

Opportunities for including community services in a renewed school will be explored through this planning process. Obvious opportunities for greater collaboration already exist with the Vancouver Board of Parks and Recreation and the Kitisilano Community Centre.The renewed school will include services on site that will benefit students and the community. For more information see Ministry of Education website for additional background information. 





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