Using Twitter to Tech It Away on Earth Day

Three secondary schools are using social networking tools to help promote the Tech It Away electronics recycling event on Earth Day, April 22.

This year, Sir Charles Tupper Eric Hamber and Killarney secondary schools will compete to collect the most computers, printers, fax machines, TVs, cellphones and other electronics. Each school will be awarded $10,000 worth of new electronics for participating. The school that collects the most unwanted electronics will be given an additional $2,000 to fund an eco-friendly project. The collected items will either be recycled or disposed of safely.

Some of Vancouver's top bloggers are helping the schools spread the news about the event. Best Buy Canada, the event's sponsor asked bloggers Rebecca Bollwitt (miss604.com),  Raul Raul Pacheco - Vega (hummingbird604.com), and Gillian Shaw (Digital Life at the Vancouver Sun) to share with students their knowledge and experience with social networking tools, including Facebook and Twitter.

Gillian Shaw, a journalist at the Vancouver Sun, visited Killarney Secondary School on April 14. Shaw discovered that the environmental club students had already created a Facebook profile for the event and were keen to start a Twitter account which had great results. In her Digital Life blog Shaw wrote: "Even I was surprised when it was clear in the first couple of hours after they launched their Twitter initiative, the Killarney students had reached thousands of people, starting that single tweet, sent out during their lunch hour meeting today."

Show your support for Vancouver schools and the environment by supporting the Tech It Away event.


Tech It Away

When: Thursday, April 22 from 8:30 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.


  • Eric Hamber Secondary School - 5025 Willow Street, Vancouver View on map
  • Sir Charles Tupper Secondary School - 419 East 24th Avenue, Vancouver View on map
  • Killarney Secondary School - 6454 Killarney Street, Vancouver View on map

Items accepted for recycling:

  • Computers and laptops
  • Monitors, cables and accessories
  • Printers and fax machines
  • TVs
  • Cell phones and batteries
  • VCRs and DVD Players

    * Electronics from businesses and educational institutions will not be accepted.

Facts About E-Waste

  • Rapid advances in technology, demand for new products, and population increases are accelerating the amounts of electronic waste piling up in landfills across Canada.
  • Did you know that more than 270,000 tonnes of computer equipment, phones, televisions, stereos and small home appliances accumulate in Canadian landfills each year?
  • Electronic waste leaks toxic heavy metals along with equally harmful chemicals that end up in our soil and water supply. These substances are dangerous to wildlife and the environment.

Diverting E-Waste from Landfills

  • Did you know that although most electronics contain hazardous materials, 100% of any electronic device can be recycled and diverted from landfills?

What You Can Do

You can help to keep E-waste products out of landfills by:

  • Participating in take-back and recycling programs for electronic products.
  • Donating your old equipment to a family member, school or charity.

Other Resources

For more information on the effects of electronic waste, or options for safe recycling, please visit:

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