Hamber wins 2010 Tech it Away challenge

Eric Hamber Secondary came out on top at this year's Tech It Away electronics recycling challenge held on Earth Day, April 22. The school collected 44,370 pounds of e-waste, enough to fill more than three 36-foot transport trucks.

Three secondary schools were involved in this year's challenge and together collected 121,090 pounds of unwanted electronics including computers, printers, fax machines, TVs and cell phones. All of the collected items will either be recycled or disposed of safely.

Killarney Secondary collected 40,480 pounds, while Sir Charles Tupper Secondary collected 35,880 pounds of e-waste. Event sponsor, Best Buy Canada, awarded each school with $10,000 worth of new electronics for participating.

Hamber's environmental club received an additional $2,000 to put towards a school-based environmental initiative. Hamber will share its $10,000 electronics gift card with the West 1 Community School Team and each of Hamber's six feeder elementary schools to make the event a success for the entire family of schools.

Jane Bouey, Vancouver School Board trustee liaison for Eric Hamber Secondary school saw the large number of electronics being collected at the school before Earth Day.

She said "I'm extremely proud of the students and school community for taking the steps to make our schools more environmentally sustainable."


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