VSB moving forward with plans for Aboriginal-Focussed school of Choice

The Vancouver School Board is moving forward with its plans for an Aboriginal-focussed school of choice and is currently establishing a working group to develop short and longer-range implementation plans for the school.

The working group will include aboriginal youth, parent and community members, school trustees and school district staff and will consider issues including grade levels, potential locations, governance plans and timelines and criteria for hiring staff for the school.

The Board has also agreed that based on extensive feedback and advice it received throughout the consultation process, the school will be one of choice and be open to all students who choose to attend, although Aboriginal students may be given priority if demand exceeds capacity. The school will focus on quality education by teaching and learning through Aboriginal world views, knowledge, culture and values. Continued consultation with Aboriginal communities and parents will be essential to the implementation and successful operation of the school, which could open, at least partially, as early as September 2012.

In taking these significant steps toward opening the Aboriginal-focused school, the Board has also committed to continuing its commitment to the implementation of the Aboriginal Education Enhancement Agreement and to support, enhance and expand services that currently serve Aboriginal students across the school district.

The Board is very grateful for the thoughtful, passionate and articulate feedback and advice it received during the consultation process that was conducted under the leadership and guidance of UBC's Dr. Joanne Archibald.

To read the Dr. Archibald's report on the consultation process, click here: Report on Aboriginal Education Forums

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