Gladstone Students - Second in Robotics World Championships

The robotics students of Gladstone Secondary School are part of an elite group of young people. Not only are they intelligent and hard-working, but they know how to work as a team and clearly, they relish the opportunity to display their intelligence and skill. After months of work and countless hours of strategizing, designing, building and programming this team of dedicated young people have emerged champions.

In March their team participated in and won the B.C. VEX Robotics Championships at BCIT. And while that is already impressive, just one month later four of Gladstone's sixteen teams travelled to Orlando, Florida to take on the world in the 2011 VEX Robotics World Championship. Students faced intense competition against the 400 qualifying teams, from 16 countries. Students compete against each other in three categories: Programming, Driver and Team. Through their commitment and the guidance of their teacher, Todd Ablett, the students were ready to face their fierce competitors.

Narrowly outsourced by the defending world champions, Team 2A placed second in the Programming Challenge, a stunning achievement. While their previous showings were also spectacular (they've amassed an impressive collection of trophies over the past four years of world championship competition) this was their first time placing in the finals and parents, teachers and students are all be exceptionally proud.

Additionally, two Gladstone teams made it to the semi-finals in the Team challenge, and another impressive feat, with their first alliance captain selection ever. High praise in the world of competitive robotics.

Finally, a shout out to all the amazing Gladstone robotics students who participated: Aedan Bridwell, Henry Chee, Andrew Guan, Frankey He, Jordan Holloway, Serinda Kong, Jame Lee, Timothy Leung, Vincent Leung, Andy Loi, Pav Nagra, Simon Ngo, Tera Pham, Tony Tan, Paul Tran, Thomas Wong, Quan Wu, and Simon Zhong.

Congratulations to all of these students, and their dedicated teacher Todd Ablett, and continued success with their program.

Cones and Trophy

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