Information sessions for Korean-Speaking Parents

Information sessions for Korean-Speaking Parents

Each school year the Vancouver School Board offers information sessions for Korean-speaking parents and custodians of VSB students.  

These sessions planned (see dates below) help Korean parents to better understand the school system, its rules and expectations and the supports available for ESL students.

Read below for a listing of the sessions or download the full schedule.  Please also visit DRPC website for other workshops information. 

Info Sessions for Korean-speaking Parents

Please note that all sessions are held from 9:30am - 11:15am

Secondary Focus:

Understanding VSB Schools & Schooling (rules, policies, expectations, plagiarism)

  • Course planning
  • Report cards; interim reports
  • Parent-teacher conference; Meet the teacher night
  • How to help your child succeed
  • ESL programs
  • Counselling Support


중고등학� :

밴쿠버 � 육청 � 육 시스템, 학� 규칙, 표절, 학� �활 등� 관한 정보 

  • 시간표 계획
  • 성적표


Elementary Focus:

Understanding VSB Schools & Schooling (rules, policies, expectations)

  • Report cards
  • Parent-teacher conferences
  • Multi-graded classes
  • How to help your child succeed
  • ESL  programs


초등학� :

초등학� 시스템, 규칙, � 내 활동 참여, 학부모 � � 봉사 관한 정보 

  • 성적표
  • 학부모/� 사 정규 면담

Secondary & Elementary school programs & options

  • Mini Schools
  • IB Program
  • Alternate programs


,중고등학� 프로그램 옵션 

  • 미니 스쿨
  • IB 프로그램
  • 대안 프로그램

Graduation Requirements

  • B.C. graduation requirements
  • Post-secondary options
  • Adult centre programs
  • Korean Language Credits & Challenge Exam


중고등학� 졸업 요건 

  • BC주� 중고등학� 졸업 요건
  • 졸업 후 옵션
  • 성� � 육 센터� 서� 세컨더리 졸업 � 격

VLN (Vancouver Learning Network) & Internet Safety

  • Computer use to support learning
  • Website information for academic learning
  • Plagiarism
  • Registration Procedure for VLN


VLN �터넷 학과목 등� 안전한 �터넷 사용 

  • 학습� 위한 컴퓨터 사용
  • 유용한 웹사�트
  • �터넷 표절
  • �터넷 학과목 수료 과정 및 등� 절차

School & Community Programs

  • Summer school options
  • Preparing for the next school year
  • Learning English at home
  • Promoting academic development


학� 와 커뮤니티 프로그램 

  • 여름 학� 과목 선정 및 등�
  • 커뮤니티 프로그램
  • 새학년 준비
  • 가정� 서� 영어 학습



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