Facing up to Cyberbullying

"Cyberbullying is a huge problem in our society. Nobody should be bullied in this world or else many people can end up depressed. This situation is important to deal with - it's completely wrong."

"I've never been bullied in my entire life until a girl I knew who didn't like me started to cyberbully me. Now I don't want to come to school at all. Half of my friends think she is cool so we aren't really friends anymore. Because of this one person my life is really bad. I feel bad about myself. People that have never been bullied are like 'they are nerds it's not so bad.' But what do they know, words hurt "�"

From the Facing up to Cyberbullying videos.

Teachers in Vancouver schools have been given another powerful resource to use in their classrooms to help address bullying and internet behaviour. 

Facing up to Cyberbullying, is a teacher toolkit developed by the Vancouver School Board that includes videos of students talking about their experiences, and lesson plans to guide teachers.

In the coming months many teachers will use this resource in their grade 5 to 7 classes as a basis for student discussions on safe and respectful online behaviour.

Watch a sample video:

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A second resource is available to students at home and at school, Passport to the Internet.  This internet literacy tutorial has been licensed provincially to help students in Grades 4 to 8 to develop skill that apply to online experiences. 

Teacher-librarians and teachers have added this tool to the resources they use in libraries and in the classrooms.

For more information on web and online resources like this contact the school library or the Media & Library Services staff of the VSB at http://webcat.vsb.bc.ca/ (email media@vsb.bc.ca)

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