Drop everything and read challenge on Oct 25

On October 25, students across the Vancouver school district will drop everything and read in honour of National School Library Day.

You can join students by dropping everything and reading for personal interest on Oct 25 at 1pm for twenty minutes.

Some of the activities Teacher-librarians are coordinating include twenty minute long silent reading periods; a "human library" where students can check out human books; and grade 6/7 students sharing their favourite childhood books with younger schoolmates.

At Gladstone Secondary, which like many secondary schools has a daily reading block all staff and students will drop everything and read for 40 minutes on Oct 25.

Teacher-librarian Pat Parungao has also coordinated a "human library" where volunteers become human books and share their knowledge and experiences with students.

The index of Gladstone human library books on offer this year include the titles: A war child in Holland; Hunger in the winter of 1944; Why I came to Canada; Attending residential school / Coast Salish weaving; and Italian fashion.

The human library started in Denmark as a project to fight prejudice and discrimination. Volunteers share their unique life experiences, values, and perhaps physical characteristics that may have resulted in them being subjected to stereotyping and prejudice.

At False Creek elementary, teacher-librarian Jan Berney has organized 30 grade 6 and 7 students who will share their favourite chapter and picture books from childhood with their younger classmates. Students will travel in pairs to classes where they'll share their enthusiasm for reading by reading aloud their favourite passages. Berney will display all the books that are chosen in her library following the event.

At Killarney Secondary, teacher-librarian Denise North has placed a mystery or horror novel in all teacher mailboxes and has asked them to read-aloud to their class during silent reading block on Oct 21 and 25. Killarney's talented drama students and some special guest readers, including school administrators, will help bring the books alive by reading aloud to some classes.

Enjoy your reading break on October 25!

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