Parks Board wants feedback on 2011 fees & charges

The Vancouver Board of Parks and Recreation would like to hear from parents about the proposed changes to fees and charges for 2011.

Each year the Vancouver Board of Parks and Recreation adjusts its fees and charges to cover cost increases and to align its fees with other public facilities and practices.  They strive to set fees that will encourage the public to use our facilities while allowing us to manage within our resources.

For 2011 they are considering making a number of changes to their fee structure, as well as increasing the fees to cover expected inflationary increases in operating costs. The proposed changes include:

  • reducing the age at which they start charging for childrens' participation from 6 to 3 years
  • introducing youth playfield fees
  • changing low-cost session fees from Loonie/Toonie to 50% off regular drop in fees. 
  • increasing most fees by 4% to cover our expected inflationary increases in operating costs.

An online survey to collect the public's feedback on these proposed changes is available on the parks board website, along with a document detailing the current fees and charges and the proposed 2011 Fees and Charges.

The Vancouver Park Board will discuss the 2011 Fees and Charges at its meeting on November 15, 2010 and information collected through the survey will be included for the Board's information. 

You may send written comments to:

Meg Elliott
Acting Director, Corporate Services
Vancouver Park Board
2099 Beach Avenue
Vancouver, BC V6G 1Z4
E-mail: meg.elliott@vancouver.ca

If you would like to speak at the November 15, 2010 Board meeting, which will be held at Killarney Community Centre (6260 Killarney Street), please call 604-257-8452 before noon on November 15th.


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