School closure public meetings begin

Public consultation for the five schools being considered for closure began on October 25 and continues until November 9. Five schools will take part in the public consultation meetings:

  • Carleton Elementary;
  • Champlain Heights Annex;
  • Macdonald Elementary;
  • McBride Annex; and
  • Queen Alexandra Elementary

    Each school will have two public meetings. Parents and members of the community are encouraged to offer thoughts, ask questions and provide feedback with respect to the possibility of school closures.

For a complete list of the dates and locations of the meetings, please see the public consultation meeting schedule. Beside each school we've listed the translators available at each meeting and a link to storyboards that will be displayed.

Please visit our school closure webpages for an overview of the school closure process or read through the frequently asked questions.

How to make a presentation at the public meetings
If you wish to present at a public meeting please register by calling (604) 713-5286 no later than two business days prior to the meeting. Please refer to the public meeting format webpage for the procedure for delegations.

Send us your feedback by Nov 24, 2010

Comment forms will be distributed during the public consultation meetings or are available here in five languages. Completed comment forms can be returned to your school's office prior to the close of feedback on Nov 24, 2010.

Send feedback by emailed to: schoolclosure@vsb.bc.ca by Nov 24, 2010.

The Board will listen to and take into careful consideration all of the input and written feedback received before making a decision on December 14, 2010.

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