Welcome to the new District Principal Learning Technologies

A message from Superintendent of Schools, Steve Cardwell

On behalf of the Vancouver Board of Education, I am pleased to announce the appointment of Audrey Van Alstyne to the position of District Principal Learning Technologies, as of January 1, 2011.

Audrey joins us after serving as the District Administrator for Curriculum and Technology in North Vancouver for the past eleven years. Known for her warm, collaborative manner, Audrey is recognized for her ability to engage teachers and students in developing opportunities for personalized learning. She brings experience in working with administrators, staff and students with a focus on literacy, assessment, collaboration, and critical thinking.

Through the use of new technologies, Audrey provided innovative professional development opportunities for teachers to connect with other educators across the globe. Audrey created a Student Mentor Program, to support and guide student leaders, in assisting students and teachers at neighbouring schools, with the integration of technology skills into learning. Audrey worked closely with North Vancouver teachers and teacher-librarians to develop a series of educational resources, entitled Web in the Classroom, Meaning in Data and Digital Expression.

Highly respected as a Distinguished Apple Educator, Audrey has presented internationally on topics ranging from Responsible Citizenship - Do you know your Digital Tattoo?, through Creating Challenging Critical Questions, to Bringing a Story to Life - Digital Story-Telling.

We are very fortunate to have Audrey join us here in Vancouver, and Audrey is looking forward to commencing her new role at the Vancouver School District, in January 2011.

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