New career education programs for Sept 2011

Are you a secondary student interested in computers, fashion design or industrial design and engineering? If you are, Vancouver School Board's Career Education is offering three new district programs for September 2011 which might interest you.

New programs for September 2011 include the CISCO Networking Academy at Killarney Secondary, Fashion Design and Technology at Hamber Secondary and Industrial Design, Engineering & Product Development at Vancouver Technical Secondary.

Carole MacFarlane, the VSB's careers program coordinator said "We've responded to demands from students who were interested in these areas of study. These new district offerings will give students a jump start on post-secondary entrance and a viable career."

The programs are offered every second day (Day 2) from September through June, and depending on the program will take one to two years to complete.

  • Go to the ACE-IT programs page for more information on these and other career education courses offered at the VSB.

Program details:

CISCO Networking Academy begins in September 2011 and will be offered as a one year program for grade 12 students. The program will be offered at Killarney Secondary but is open to students across the Vancouver school district.

At the CISCO Networking Academy students will be given the opportunity to diversify and enhance their computer knowledge beyond Microsoft Word, PowerPoint software and web design. They will develop skills building a computer, installing software, and connecting the computer to networks and to the Internet.

Students will learn hands-on, in laboratory courses that stress working effectively in a group environment. Courses also provide students the opportunity to prepare for industry recognized certification in addition to receiving credit for the first ten weeks of the two-year Computer Information Systems Technician Diploma Program at BCIT (a savings of $1800).


Fashion Design and Technology begins in September 2011 at Eric Hamber Secondary school. This is a two year program which must be started in grade 11 and continues into grade12.

Graduates from Hamber's fashion design program can go on to complete post-secondary fashion programs in Canada, the United States, Europe and Asia and work in the fashion design field locally and abroad with companies such as Lululemon, Aritzia and Mac and Jac.


Industrial Design, Engineering & Product Development begins in September 2011 at Vancouver Technical Secondary. This is a two year program that starts in grade 11 and continues into grade 12.

It is a hands-on program that will provide students with a broad and useful range of skills in problem solving, design, product manufacturing and marketing.

There are a wide range of post secondary options available to students who have completed the Industrial Design program including technical diplomas, bachelor degree and masters degree programs.


Download the New District programs for 2011-2012 Application package and submit it to your Counsellor or Career Centre Staff.

Deadline for registering for these programs is March 18, 2011.

For more information contact Carole MacFarlane, Career programs Coordinator at 604-713-5051 or e-mail cmacfarlan@vsb.bc.ca or visit the ACE-IT programs page for more information.


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