Wear Pink this Wednesday February 23

This Wednesday, February 23 is Day of Pink across British Columbia. Join thousands of students and staff in Vancouver and across BC, to speak up against name-calling, homophobia and gender stereotypes by wearing pink.

Pink Day started in 2007 when two Nova Scotia high school students decided to create a "Sea of Pink" to support a grade 9 boy who was called homophobic names when he wore a pink shirt to school. See related story on CBC.ca website.

The original day was a huge success with people at their school wearing all kinds of pink clothing, face painting, even a pink bike!

This day is now celebrated right across Canada and helps to demonstrate and remind students that:

  • Colours, toys, sports, etc don't belong to any gender
  • Homophobia, gender teasing and name-calling is not OK
  • Speaking up to meanness and bullying does make a difference
  • Students have the power to inspire meaningful change

Watch the video of a recent anti-bullying flash mob at Oakridge Centre performed by students at Churchill Secondary and David Lloyd George Elementary.

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