Recommended School Calendar for 2011-2012

At a special meeting of Management Coordinating Committee on April 11th, the committee forwarded a recommendation to the Board for an adjusted local calendar for the 2011-2012 school year.

The recommendation is:

That a District Calendar, similar to the one approved for 2010-2011, be continued for one more year.

The Board of Education will have a final vote on this recommendation at a public meeting of the Board on May 11th.

Details of the local school calendar include:

  • Schools open - September 6th
  • Winter Vacation - December 19th - 30th
  • Schools open - January 3rd
  • Spring vacation - March 12th  - 23rd
  • Ten days of district closure - 5 spread through the year and 5 attached to spring vacation
  • Last day of School - June 28th

The specific dates of Non-Instructional Days, statutory holidays, and district closure days are included on the attached calendar.

The proposed calendar can be viewed here: Proposed Local Calendar 2011-2012



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