VSB and Coastal Health Sponsor Parent Presentation on Internet Use

SACY (School Age Children and Youth) has many goals and initiatives. SACY recognizes the important role of parents, teachers and other adults in the lives of teens and SACY seeks to:

  • Support parents/caregivers in maintaining strong relationships with their youth.
  • Teach parents effective ways of communicating with their children.
  • Promote adult listening and adult ally building as important steps in helping young people stay healthy and feel positively connected to their schools and communities.

As part of this focus, SACY and Vancouver Coastal Health are sponsoring a workshop hosted by best selling author Ross Laird. The workshop is called: "Let's Talk About Internet and Gaming"

Technology is now an essential feature of our social culture, particularly for children and adolescents
(gaming, texting, social networking, cell phones). Technology has become the central means by which
many young people communicate, learn and manage information. However, issues such as anxiety, depression,
isolation, anger and addictions are also highly prevalent in the online worlds.

This informative presentation will benefit anyone who is interested in gaining knowledge and insight
into the emerging cultures of technology and their impact on childhood development, family life and education.

We hope you can join us June 2nd at 6:45 at David Thompson Secondary.

Please refer to this flyer for more details on the event: Let's Talk about Internet and Gaming

If you wish to know more about SACY, visit our website at www.vsb.bc.ca/sacy

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