Fleming Jump Rope for Heart a Blast

This February was a busy time for many Vancouver schools. At Fleming Elementary, February 16 was marked by the annual Jump Rope for Heart. The event was fun times for the hundreds of students involved. Here's a short summary of the event by Richard, a Grade 3 from Fleming:

We went to the gym with several other classes and we skipped and hula hooped.  We did this in about 10 small groups.  We were cheering for our teams and there was music played on the CD player. 

The purpose of Jump Rope for Heart is to raise money for people who have heart attacks and the doctors who need to buy medicine.  Skipping is good exercise. 

Some people got little pieces of paper from the teachers so they can enter their names into a draw for the grand prize.  

Here are some pictures of Richard and his friends skipping to raise money to fight heart attacks.

Click on the image below to check out our Flickr album for more photos.

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