UBC Students Descend on David Lloyd George Elementary

During the UBC Reading Week in late February, Queen Alexandra and Mt Pleasant Elementary weren't the only schools to benefit from UBC volunteers. 27 first and second year UBC science students also visited David Lloyd George to work with 220 students in the primary classes and one Grade 4 class. DLG students rotated through 10 science stations in the 3 days and participated in various hands-on Science activities led by the UBC students.

During the wrap-up session on the final day, students participated in four fun activity centers ranging from making bubbles in a bath of dry ice to a relay race in which the students competed to be the first to finish sorting recyclable items and garbage.

DLG and UBCIt left a big impression on many students including one of DLG's Grade 2 students. Rachel Shi wrote in her journal about her favorite part of the visit:

"We learned about something called Dancing Raisins. My favorite part was when I saw the raisins floating in Orange Crush. On the gym stage we learned how to protect a boiled egg. The best part was when we dropped the egg. At the station in the lunch room, we learned how to make a paper airplane. My favorite part was when we had a contest about who had the best air plane. I learned a lot from the 10 stations. My favorite station was the egg drop because our group's egg didn't crack."

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