Youth4Tap Want Your Vote for BC Green Games

Churchill Secondary School's Youth4Tap team is aiming to reduce the consumption of bottled water while promoting tap water. And they need your help to do it.

Over the past six months, the team has implemented a ban on the sale of bottled water and fundraised enough money to purchase two $4,000 water refill stations. To promote awareness, the students made presentations to 2,100 students, sold reusable water bottles and convinced over 150 students to sign their Tap Water Pledge.

Now the team's brought its green dream online and they need your vote. The winning team will recieve between $500 and $1,500 for their project. 

The Churchill team says they plan to continue to work with five high schools to support their water initiatives and one day make the VSB a truly bottled water-free district.

Click here to support Youth4Tap.

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