KidSafe Pancake Breakfast Celebrates Architects of the Future

Thursday morning saw the conceptual ideas of several inner-city youth pan out at the KidSafe 'Architects of the Future' Pancake Breakfast at Florence Nightingale Elementary.

With the help of four local architects, the children collaborated on and created a model sculpture of what their 'ideal' Vancouver would look like. Through some crafty artistic expression, the 'Architects of the Future' were able to transform a combination of plain popsicle sticks, paper products and egg cartons into a vibrant and colourful Vancouver of the future.

Enthusiastic students Crystal, Eminem, Ronica and Cherlyn from the KidSafe Writer's Room read 'Postcards of the Future' that detailed the ideal future that had been envisioned through the project.

Under the guidance of instructor Sarah Maitland, the children conceived fascinating tales that involved aliens discovering the Vancouver architecture of the future and one particular student imagining he was a 'rich millionaire'.

The project was the culmination of KidSafe Week in Vancouver, as proclaimed by Mayor Gregor Robertson. It's another great milestone reached by the KidSafe organization in keeping inner-city students of the Vancouver School Board engaged and active while school is not in session.

VSB Chair Patti Bacchus was on hand to help serve breakfast to the KidSafe youth and show her support for their achievements. Joining her were additional notable Vancouver personalities including Perry Solkowksi of CTV, Councilor Kerry Jang and MLA Jenny Kwan.

A set of auditory performances from the Sarah McLachlan School of Music accompanied the morning's festivities and added to the abundance of talent that had been demonstrated.

With innovative ideas, intuitive concepts and growing skills the inner-city children of KidSafe have established one certainty of a future Vancouver: it looks to be one that is in good hands. 

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