Update on Job Action

As you are probably aware, the BC Teachers' Federation (BCTF), which represents the province's public school teachers, is involved in negotiating a new collective agreement with the BC Public School Employers' Association (BCPSEA), the bargaining agent for the province's school boards. These discussions to date have not produced a settlement and the parties have indicated that they are not close to an agreement. As a result, the province now faces job action. The BCTF has said that the job action will be in phases.  The first phase is a "teach-only" campaign which will restrict teachers' ability to participate in administrative duties and other non-instructional activities.

Despite these challenges, the good news is that schools will remain open. While job action may be frustrating for all, it is important to keep in mind that students will not be put in an unsafe or harmful situation. No matter what happens as a result of job action, your children will continue to be educated in a safe environment in the care of dedicated professionals in the classroom, the school office and on the playground.

We continue to hope for a speedy resolution to the contract negotiations. In the meantime, the Vancouver School District will keep parents informed of any developments around job action and its possible impact on student learning.  As more information becomes available, please check back to our website where we will be posting updates. 

The district is committed to keeping parents informed of developments and providing current information. As a demonstration of this commitment, we have recently developed an app for the iPad and iPhone. The app will give parents current information and updates from your children's schools. You will find a link to this app on our website and we welcome your feedback.

For information and updates regarding bargaining positions, see the BCTF website and the BCPSEA website.

Steve Cardwell

Superintendent of Schools

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