Help Influence the Future of Public Education in Vancouver

These days the district faces big challenges and opportunities. To chart a way forward, in December of 2010, the Vancouver Board of Education decided to embark upon a district-wide analysis of our programs and facilities aimed at answering the big question:

What programs and opportunities should we provide to our students now, and into the future?

We have finished the first stage of this Sectoral Review and our findings are compiled in a report that presents some bold recommendations  for Vancouver schools.

Now we need to hear from you!!!

Uneven and declining enrollment, strong international demand and cross boundary enrollment has resulted in surplus space in some schools while others are filled to the brim.  We want public input to address the concern of how to use the empty spaces in some of our schools. How do we re-purpose those assets so that they continue to serve the public now and into the future? We want to hear from you:

  • Should the VSB consider repurposing school sites that are seriously under-capacity?
  • If we do re-purpose schools, what might that look like and what community partnerships would ensure that school sites continued to serve the public into the future?
  • Should the VSB consider developing or entering into long term lease arrangements on non-school sites as a way to generate revenue?

There are many more recommendations discussed in the Sectoral Report report.  Some of the other important recommendations are that as a public service organization with a budget of close to $500 million, we must be effective, efficient and sustainable.  We want to expand our programs of choice while maintaining the core value of equitable access to programs throughout the city. By streamlining our efforts and aligning our resources this can be achieved. There are a number of ways of doing this and we encourage everyone to explore these ideas in the sectoral review report.

Then join us for the next stage of the Sectoral Review"�.

The VSB wants to hear the public's opinion on these important community issues--get involved by doing one or all of the following:

  1. Go on-line to  Our Futures at ourfuture.vsb.bc
  2. Attend one of the Public consultation meeting 
  • 6:30PM - May 8 at Eric Hamber Secondary Cafeteria
  • 6:30PM - May 9 at Kitsilano Secondary Cafeteria
  • 6:30PM - May 15 at Britannia Secondary Cafeteria
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