IB MYP Fair at King George Showcases Personalized Learning

This was the second year that King George Secondary has hosted an IB MYP fair to show case student work. Both elementary feeder schools attended the fair as well as parents of the grade 10 students. The exhibited personal projects created by the senior IB students were as varied as they were impressive. Projects ranged from interactive recipes, fashion design and online tutoring to green computing, building a time capsule and 3D character building.

The IB MYP fair is designed to showcase a wide range of innovative inquiry based learning projects. The projects touch on five core areas of interaction including community and service, health and social education, human ingenuity as well as environments and approaches to learning.

Throughout this project based learning course, students strive to increase their awareness and responsibilities as active learners- intrinsically tying the process and product.  Students seek to demonstrate up to 10 learner profiles stressed  and cultivated during the IB Middle Years Program, including:  knowledgeable, thinker, open-minded, caring, communicator, inquirer, risk-taker, reflective, well-balanced and principled. 

The program lasts from Grade 6 to Grade 10, Year 1-5 of the IB MYP, spanning both elementary and secondary school.  Along with Personal Project presentation that celebrates their final product, students are required to reflect and document the process.  Before students receive their IB certification and accreditation for completion of the program, students must submit a reflective journal, log of community service hours, and final report. 

The aim of the program is for students to draw on their five years of learning through the IB model in order to complete their personal project and demonstrate their growth as active learners.

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