Five Schools Get a Big Gift to Support School Literacy Programs

Vancouver's Windermere Secondary, Nootka, Brock, Moberly and Carnarvon Elementary were recipients of site licenses for award-winning Academy of Reading software. The animated software pre-tests students, places them at their appropriate grade level, and teaches foundational skills to mastery, recording errors for teachers to individualize reading instruction, as required. Students understand their learning needs and are motivated with trophy certificates.

The schools recieved the liscenses from the Rotary Club of Vancouver and the Rotary Club of Vancouver Arbutus. Nootka principal Kerri Wallin says the support from the Rotary Clubs has made a big difference.

"Without the support of Rotary, we simply could not afford the technology that the Academy of Reading brings to our literacy program.  We have 60 students this year who are so excited every time they get their certificate for mastering a new level," says Wallin.

The five schools have all had historical success of students gaining up to three grade levels per year using a version of the software. These significant results prompted the two Rotary clubs and associated Parent Advisory Councils (PACs) to sponsor the commercial version of the Canadian-developed Academy of Reading to ensure that teachers can offer the software to children long into the future.The total cost of all the liscenses amounts to around $57,000. 

"Rotary service principles include endeavouring to ensure projects will be beneficial to all concerned, to build goodwill and better relationships. We thank our many partners for helping us to give the gift of reading to struggling readers in these Vancouver schools," says Franz Gehriger, President, Rotary Club of Vancouver. 

The donation of lisences is expected to postively impact hundreds of elementary and secondary students in the district.

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