VSB Gets Greener with Car Sharing

The Vancouver School Board has just launched a car-sharing program at the Education Centre as an initiative to promote sustainable transportation in the school district. Senior Management staff and Board Trustees were present at the launch on May 24 to show support for this sustainability initiative. 

"The partnership with MODO is an exciting opportunity to give our staff transportation options. Staff traveling to work on foot, by bike or on transit will now be able to access a MODO hybrid car should they need one for work purposes during the day," says Trustee Rob Wynen.

Working with MODO there will be a brand new 2012 Hybrid Toyota Prius stationed in the school board parking lot available to all employees for business travel. The vehicle will also be accessible to the neighbourhood residents when not used my VSB staff.

"The car-sharing program is another step toward reducing our impact on the environment and society and making our school district more sustainable over the long term," says Kirthi Roberts, the Manager for Energy and Climate Action. "As the demand grows for this program we intend to add more vehicles in collaboration with MODO and make the program more accessible across the school district."

MODO 2The program will not only reduce transportation related emissions from business travel due to the fuel-efficient hybrid technology, but some employees have already indicated that they intend on leaving their personal vehicles at home as they have a way of now getting around for work. In addition to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and reducing the impacts from driving on local air quality, drivers will also be able to park the vehicle at any 'resident only' or 'permit only' zones in the city, they will be able to reduce wear and tear on their own vehicles, have access to car-sharing programs globally (where MODO has partnerships) and be eligible for a number of other membership benefits.

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