Childcare Crisis Eased by VSB and Collingwood Neighbourhood House Partnership

There is a huge crisis for parents looking to find high-quality, licensed and affordable childcare for their kids. According to one recent study, only 15 percent of students are in licensed childcare. It's a huge problem for many young families, but next year, there's a bit of good news for eastside parents.

Collingwood Neighbourhood House is expanding its partnership with three local VSB schools to grow their before and after school childcare programs to meet community demand. Starting September, there will be a new program with 30 licensed spaces at Renfrew Elementary, 15 new morning care spaces at Collingwood Annex and an expansion of 4 spaces at Grenfell Elementary.

"Affordable, accessible and quality child care is critical for young students. With this new partnership with Collingwood Neighbourhood House, we'll be adding dozens of new spots and making use of school space to serve the community," says Patti Bacchus, Chair of the Vancouver School Board. "It's win-win for everyone."

These new childcare spaces for 5-12 year olds mean that more kids will have access to high quality, safe and fun programs where they can be active and engaged in learning and play.

This partnership fits with the Vancouver School Board's new push towards repurposing excess school space and bringing in non-profit community groups to use the space.

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