Norquay Health and Wellness Day Brings Together Community with Fun Activities

On a cloudy day in early June, dozens of students of all grades ran from station to station to participate in dozens of activities run by parents, community members, teachers, the VPD, local businesses, sports organizers and even retired school staff.

Organizers say the third annual Norquay Health and Wellness Day was a big success. Originally designed for just intermediate students, Norquay teacher Genvieve Adams says the enthusasim for the event both within and outside the school led her to expand the day's program to a school-wide activity day.

A tour around the school will take you into classrooms where students are practicing Reiki, First Nations dancing and even Martial Arts. Meanwhile other students listen as workshop leaders tell stories, learn about keeping a clear head in crisis, the facts around epilepsy and how to stay safe when travelling to school. Outside, some Norquay students try their hand at an obstacle course put on by the VPD. Others play soccer, toss the softball and Frisbee around or stretch with a yoga workshop. In the gym, dozens of students squeal happily while trying their hands at curling, complete with brooms to sweep the gym floor.

"The idea is to promote to kids healthy living for life," says Adams. "If they don't have a chance to try new activities, how are they going to know what they like?"

She says she begins planning the event in September. This year, there was lots of help from local businesses with Joyce Bakery supplying pastries, Starbucks kicking in coffee, the local Dollar Store donating supplies for some of the activities and Superstore and Memphis Blues supplying food for the volunteers. 

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