The Work Order Management Revolution is Here, and its Name is SchoolDude

This year the Vancouver School Board implemented a new work order creation and management system, which operators believe will significantly streamline maintenance requests across the district's 110 schools.

SchoolDude is an electronic task management system designed to help VSB facilities staff submit, process and execute the roughly 20,000 maintenance requests received annually. The system allows supervisors to track the productivity of their work teams, balance workloads and prioritize repairs that are critical.

"SchoolDude provides a cost effective way to track when, where and how money and man hours are being spent on maintenance and facilities issues here at the Vancouver School Board.  It is a powerful analytic tool that will allow us to make better use of our precious maintenance funds, while enhancing our service to the students and staff of the school district," said Doug McClary, Manager of Maintenance and Construction of the VSB.

The web-based work management system is the result of the VSB's move towards streamlining its operations and creating a paperless work environment. With the average age of VSB facilities clocking in at around 70 years (often with multiple renovations), the sheer volume of requests had made the old paper-method challenging. It was decided something new was needed. 

The new system is web-based. However, emergency calls will still be handled by maintenance staff to ensure prompt response to unforeseen priority work.  Engineers submit work orders online and managers and supervisors are able to track, assign and dispatch without ever putting pen to paper.

Managers at the VSB Maintenance building on Clark Drive are already noticing an improvement and that's with only 200 trained users, and a few weeks of experience with the new system. They expect that within five years, they'll be up to 400 users and in a situation where they're able to do more accurate and effective predictive maintenance.

The system is currently a staple for over 5,000 installations across Canada and in the United States. 

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