David Thompson Secondary Shows Off their Green School in LipDub

Early this month, over 250 students and community members came together at David Thompson Secondary to participate in a GREEN lipdub film. Designed as a viral YouTube phenomenon, the video features huge crowds of students lip syncing while celebrating their school.

In the film, people are showcased cycling to school, composting, gardening, saving power, drinking water from the tap and showing a dream green school. The students were joined by a professional film crew. Funding for the film was made possible by the Generation Green grant community compost project, BIoCYCLE.  All summer, student volunteers cycled with bike trailers to local grocers to collect food scraps. Food scraps were taken to the school's earth tub composter and will eventually be used in the school garden to grow food for the cafeteria.

The aim of this lipdub film was to showcase David Thompson's sustainability efforts, build pride in the school and encourage other schools and youth groups to go green. The project demonstrates the initiative and energy of a small group of committed students can have remarkable outcomes.


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