Canadian Astronaut, Dr. Robert Thirsk Meets with Students at the VSB.

Canadian astronaut, Robert Thirsk meets with students at the VSB.


It was uplifting - Canadian astronaut, Dr. Robert Thirsk recently met with about 30 high school students at the VSB and shared stories and photographs about his amazing experiences aboard two missions to the international space station.


Dr. Thirsk is one of Canada's space pioneers. Just as important, he always encourages young people to get a strong public education and learn advanced skills so they can succeed and pursue their dreams. His perspectives inspired the students and created lots of excitement as he described his adventures into space.


Dr. Thirsk was the first Canadian to fly a long-duration endurance mission aboard the International Space Station, in 2009. On his second voyage to space, Dr. Thirsk spent 188 days aboard the space station, conducting research, performing robotics operations, and maintaining systems and payloads.


Dr. Thirsk attended several public schools in BC. He holds a BSc. in Mechanical Engineering, a MSc. in Mechanical Engineering from MIT, a Doctorate of Medicine from McGill University in 1982, and a MBA from the MIT Sloan School of Management. As mechanical engineer by education and profession, Dr. Thirsk joined the Canadian Space Agency's astronaut training program in 1983. He served as backup payload specialist to Canada's first astronaut, Captain Marc Garneau, for the sixth flight of the space shuttle Challenger in October 1994. Dr. Thirsk made his first spaceflight in 1996 as payload specialist on a 17-day mission aboard the shuttle Columbia.


It was a privilege to be engaged, motivated and inspired by this great Canadian who has seen the world from a perspective that many people will only be able to dream about.

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