False Creek Class Bikes to AquaSchool

False Creek Elementary teacher David Proctor, together with his father, retired Vancouver teacher/principal Mark Proctor, worked with Proctor's Grade 7 class to prepare for their week of AquaSchool late last October at the Vancouver Aquarium.

At AquaSchool, students observe live plants and animals, meet with Aquarium staff and volunteer experts, use the galleries for teacher-led lessons, tour behind-the-scenes, examine animal artifacts, touch live invertebrates, and explore Stanley Park and Vancouver Harbour. 

Seeing an opportunity to support the school's healthy living goal Proctor's class incorporated cycling with his students to and from school to the Aquarium. The total distance - about 25 km each day.

The father-son team organized and tuned up bikes, taught safe riding, and led students on their trip each day. With parents helping the cyclists and spectacular Vancouver fall weather, the students' smiles, improved fitness, and sense of accomplishment have been evidence of a successful initiative.

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