Montessori Comes to Renfrew Elementary

It's time to start thinking about where your new students will be heading come 2012. One program that's seen steady and growing demand for the past few years is the Montessori program. Up to recently the district hosted two Montessori programs at Tyee Elementary and at Maple Grove Elementary. This year, for the first time, an eastside school will also be offering the Montessori program.

Renfrew's program has 22 spots for Kindergarten students and 24 spots for Grade 1 students. The application process opened in November and will go until the end of January 2012. Selection for spots will be based on a lottery.

Generally Montessori classes are very child centred and based on the specific interests and needs of the individual learner. Key elements of the Montessori curriculum are cooperation, global education and creative/hands-on activities.

Parents interested in registering or finding out more are encouraged to visit the district's website here to register.

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