Message from Superintendent Steve Cardwell on Report Cards

Dear Parents / Guardians of Grade 12 Students:

The purpose of this letter is to provide you with an update on report cards and to seek feedback from you on whether or not you have a student in grade 12 who requires marks for post-secondary applications at this time of the year.

As you may be aware, the school year began with teachers in phase 1 of a legal strike and the job action continues to this day. This phase 1 action includes teachers choosing to not perform a range of tasks as identified by the Labour Relations Board (LRB). One of the duties that teachers have decided to not carry out is the preparation or distribution of report cards. Earlier this month, the Deputy Minister of Education wrote a letter to all school district superintendents directing schools to print report cards for parents. These report cards would provide attendance data, and teacher contact information as well as a reminder that parents may wish to contact their child's teacher if there are any concerns or questions about achievement or other matters.  Attached to this letter is a report card which includes a copy of your child's attendance.  

The Essential Services Order issued by the LRB recognizes that grade 12 students who are applying for post-secondary institutions may require marks at this point in the school year. In keeping with the Order, teachers will provide assessment data to school administrators for grade 12 students who self-identify that they require their marks for graduation, post-secondary applications or for scholarship purposes.

If your child is in grade 12 and requires their marks at this time for graduation, post-secondary applications, or scholarship applications we ask that you sign the form below.

Students are then asked to take this form to their school office where timetables will be available. Students may then take these timetables to their teachers who will write on the timetable, the student's course marks and teachers will initial the forms to verify accuracy.

Any student who then needs support for post-secondary applications may work with their parents and school counsellors as normal to continue the process of application.


Yes, my child requires his/her marks for graduation, post-secondary or scholarship applications:

Grade 12 Student's Name:    ___________________________________ 

Parent's Name:                       ___________________________________

Parent Signature:                   ___________________________________

Email address                         ___________________________________

Phone number                       ___________________________________

For more information about the job action, see:


If you have any questions about this process, please contact your child's school or email jobaction@vsb.bc.ca.

Thank you for your understanding.


Steve Cardwell

Superintendent of Schools

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