Killarney Street Squad Helps the Downtown Eastside

Community-minded youth from Killarney Secondary's Student Street Squad group were on the streets of the Downtown Eastside yesterday morning to hand out 500 care packages to the less fortunate.

The Killarney Student Street Squad is a mainly student run club creating youth dedicated to taking on projects benefitting the community as well as the school.

This is the ninth year Killarney's Student Street Squad has brought care packages to the Downtown Eastside, but the care packages have been greatly expanding each year. 

"Our Student Street Squad mandate is to organize and fulfill community oriented projects.  Our club is comprised of dedicated and compassionate individuals," says Herman Lam Co-Chair of this year's Killarney's Student Street Squad. "Each year we witness the devastation the less fortunate live in everyday.  We want to help these people. We create these care packages with everyday necessities: such as toothbrushes and toothpaste, soaps, shampoo, deodarent, kleenex, combs and brushes, socks, scarves, food items, a bag lunch and more.  As a group we are trying to give back to our community.  With our efforts we hope these packages will brighten the spirits and help them deal with their tough times."

Killarney's Student Street Squad is made up of about 80 students in Grades 8 - 12. 

Street Squad

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