Demand for Yaletown School Keeps VSB Facilities Busy

In recent years a growing number of Yaletown residents seem to be sticking around longer in the downtown core, even after having children. At least that's what the demographics are telling the VSB facilities staff. This trend has gradually increased pressure on the neighbourhood's schools.

For years, VSB planners prioritized the creation of more space at the Elsie Roy, Yaletown's primary elementary school. After all, even as the school's catchment area continued to shrink, demand continued to rise.

Elsie Roy ClassroomWhen the Ministry of Education introduced their full day kindergarten program in July 2009 at Elsie Roy, it was clear to VSB planners they'd hit the tipping point. There needed to be more room added to the school and it needed to be done fast.To meet the demand, the Ministry allowed the VSB to put in four classrooms where only two Kindergarten classrooms were required. Working with multiple partners including the City of Vancouver, Social Planning, Dorothy Lam Daycare, Vancouver Parks Board, the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Environment, nearby residents and the school community, the project began construction in December 2009.

A year later, construction work was finished. Now Elsie Roy staff are already making good use of the new space. Last year, thanks to the completed rooms, no students needed to be waitlisted. This year, the downtown elementary schools continue to expect high demand from parents in the community.

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