VSB launches new app for mobile devices

App mania is now becoming the norm as a growing number of people around the world are using their mobile devices as an information hub to manage their day to day decisions. Parents aren't immune to this and that's what recently got the Superintendent's office thinking about how to utilize a simple, high-tech tool such as a mobile device App to help thousands of parents stay informed about their children's schools and district. 

The result is the first custom made iOS App of its kind made for a school district in Canada. The new VSB App is designed to alert parents through push notifications about school holidays, parent interviews, school scheduling disruptions (eg snow days or non-instructional days). It is believed to be the first of its kind in Canada.

The App team eventually aim for it to notify parents of after school activities such as concerts, plays and sports events. Parents will be able to select which schools they want notifications from allowing them to receive updates directly and immediately from any elementary or secondary school in the school district.

To download the App, click here

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