Student Forum to Examine Personalized Learning from the Student Perspective

On Jan. 31st, 2012, over 230 secondary students from across the entire Vancouver School District will come together at the Roundhouse House Community to discuss how they learn best and what current learning opportunities are available in the Vancouver school system. 

In addition, students will be discussing what opportunities need to be created to expand on the current personalized learning opportunities in the Vancouver school district.  This student forum will be facilitated by a team of over 40 students and will feature the use of iPad, iTouch, and twitter technology.  A graphic artist will be present at the forum to visually and artistically capture the innovative ideas and themes in a gigantic mural. 

The mural will serve as a significant component of the vision for student learning and engagement.

Organizers expect energy and enthusiasm to build throughout the day as students interview each other about their most powerful learning experiences and then look to design ways to create more of these learning opportunities in the future.

At the end of day students will present their ideas and themes to VSB Senior Management, Trustees and the Ministry of Education who are all key sponsors of the forum.

This forum serves to highlight key components of the BC Education Plan and the VSB Strategic Plan. The event will be taking place from 9am-3pm on Jan 31st at the Roundhouse Community Centre in Yaletown.

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