Iona Whishaw Named Outstanding Principal in Canada

David Thompson Secondary Principal Iona Whishaw was named one of Canada's top principals by the National Academy of Canada's Outstanding Principals. The award recognizes principals from across the country who share professionally, interact collegially and act as mentors to new colleagues.

According to VSB Superintendent Steve Cardwell, Whishaw did all of that and more.

"While navigating through a career of lifelong learning and educational leadership, few leaders can be characterized as transformative in their approach to education. They must come to the role of leadership bearing certain qualities including charisma, a sense of humour, connection to others, passion, ethical decision making, an ability to recognize strengths in others, inspiration and a grand vision of what can be. Iona Whishaw bears all of these of qualities," says Cardwell. "She is truly an outstanding educational leader because she loves to learn as much as she loves to teach."

Whishaw has an eclectic background as a dancer, singer, youth worker, teacher, painter, writer, educator and administrator.

According to Cardwell, all of these experiences have broadened her vision of leadership and aided her in her work as a principal. He says her impact on each school community she's visited has been noticeable.

"In her role as Principal, Iona Whishaw has achieved tremendous success in transforming school communities as is shown by her work at Sir Charles Tupper Secondary and David Thompson Secondary," says Cardwell. "She has inspired stakeholders and utilized community partners to create school communities that encourage voice, engagement, leadership and achievement."

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