Top 10 Tips for Keeping Kids Engaged and Learning During the Summer

Summer vacation is just around the corner for over 50,000 students across the Vancouver School District. For younger students, two months can be a long break from learning. The best bet for parents is to consider keeping children (especially younger elementary school kids) stimulated to ensure they continue to learn into the hot summer months. Here are some suggestions of activities for an active youngster to stay engaged throughout July and August:

  1. Keep a daily journal recording your summer experiences - this will keep reading and writing skills sharp
  2. Hit up your local library - many libraries have reading competitions that kids can take part in
  3. Get outside and explore - a trip to the neighbourhood park or a nearby forest can be a terrific learning experience. Have your child go into nature equipped with a book about flora and fauna
  4. Map out your family tree - this is a great way to learn about your family history and connect with your family members
  5. Show me the money - teach your child about budgeting and get them to practice their math at the same time
  6. Spell up a storm - play a game to challenge your child to spell as many summer related words as possible. Turn it into a game. On errands have them spell the shops you're driving too
  7. Read every day - just because school's out, doesn't mean story time needs to come to an end. Keep reading each day to help your child develop their reading skills
  8. Craft time - consider picking up a cookbook for kids from the library and have your child follow an easy step by step recipe or get them outside to construct a bird feeder. The sky is the limit, but the key is to have them doing something rather than passively watching television
  9. Get dramatic - puppet theatre is hilarious for everyone, child and parent alike. All you need is some old gloves, scissors, glue, yarn, felt and markers
  10. Learn online - there are a wide range of fantastic and free resources for just about every type of learner. Some of the most popular games that encourage creativity for younger children include drawing game SketchUp, building online with Lego Digital Designer or creating a digital flip book with FlipSnack.
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