Killarney Cross Country Team Push Themselves to the Limit

Run, eat, sleep and repeat. That's the regime that each and every dedicated member of Killarney's cross country running team follows. During this season, the young men and women of this team have trained hard, and persevered through blood, sweat, and tears together to win the Cross Country League Championships.

"Running hurts. We may not always have smiles on our faces while completing runs, but knowing what we have been able to achieve at the end of a difficult workout always makes the pain worthwhile," says women's captain Chelsea Choi. "What separates us from other runners is that we work and act as a team. I am so grateful to be able to train with such inspiring coaches and peers." 

Cross Country at KillarneyThis award calculates the standings of each athlete from their respective schools over a course of four races. Over 200 male and female athletes from high schools all over the Vancouver compete each year. The Killarney team trains under the direction and guidance of teacher-coaches: Robert Solmes, and Donald Chang. Each week, the coaches prepare ten practices plus weekend training for the team. As a result, experienced runners complete a minimum of 80 kilometers a week, plus core workout sessions.

"Practices are excruciatingly painful and every workout tests our limits. We learn the values of hard work and commitment.  Cross country running teaches us that nothing in life worth having comes easy," says senior member and mens' team captain, Alan Li."As the captain of this cross country team, I've watched our team and our runners learn, mature and grow into great human beings. It makes all the days, weeks, months, and years put into this sport worth it. It makes me proud to say I'm the captain of the best team around."  

Story and photos by Grade 12 Killarney Student Antonia Wu

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