SACY Summer Program Engages the Community

Christina Hii was always interested in getting involved in the Vancouver community. But with the VSB's recent SACY Summer program, she was able to take her interest of volunteerism to an entirely new level.

Over the past few summer months, Hii and dozens of other students of all ages has been turning up for wide range activities including movie days, baking "Angry Birds" cupcakes, visiting with elderly folks and volunteering to feed the homeless at Harbor Light Soup Kitchen.

Hii, who loves music and dreams of one day owning a recording studio, says a highlight for her was last school year's SACY concert at the Rio theatre in April. In order to provide a positive event for young people to attend during 4/20, SACY organizers arranged a concert complete with slam poetry, dance teams and live bands.

She says the community work has opened her eyes to a wide-range of life options and helped her stay positive through her teen years, an admittedly difficult time to grow up.

"We get to express ourselves and meet new people in this program," says Hii. "Gender and race and school cliques just don't matter here. It really provides a nice break from school."

The summer program is only part of the wider SACY initiative aimed at proactive substance use prevention. Throughout the year, SACY engages hundreds of parents, teachers, students, administrators and the greater community to strengthen school-based alcohol and drug prevention.

The SACY Summer program is designed to aid in early intervention by creating a positive, fun and safe environment and help teens avoid social isolation that can lead down a rocky path.

To learn more about SACY, click here.

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