Gladstone Dare to Stand Out Conference a Huge Success

Gladstone wasn't empty on Monday, January 21st during the district's Professional Development Day. Laughter and cheers echoed in the halls as students participated in the Dare to Stand Out 2012-2013 Conference. 

Dare to Stand Out

Several hundred students of all ages turned out to listen to a speech from MP Libby Davies and SFU Professor Ann Travers. Travers' talk provided an overview of the challenges faced by many youth with questions about their gender and sexuality. Tying the presentation into the theme of the popular movie "The Matrix", Travers talk got a lot of chuckles as well as elicited a number of "ah-ha" moments among the conference attendees. 

Following Travers' talk and activities, students dispersed throughout the school to participate in a number of workshops. The workshops explored a wide range of LBGTQ topics including Queer History, Colors of the Rainbow (Learning to Share your Unique Personal Journey with Others), Social Change through the Medium of Film as well as Building Bridges and Breaking Boundaries to name a few.

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