Secondary Students Give their Take on Learning

Last school year, over 230 secondary students attended an education forum organized by students for students. This week, the district compiled the results of the forum into a number of documents. Participants of the forum were asked the following questions:

1) What opportunities in Vancouver schools have allowed you to learn the best?

2) What opportunities could be created to improve student learning in Vancouver School Board schools?  In your opinion, what do students need 'more of' in order to be successful learners?

3) What supports are necessary to ensure student voice is heard in school and district structures and systems?

4) What student actions are necessary to expand on relevant personalized learning opportunities in VSB schools?

The results were fascinating. To learn all about the forum and the students' impressions, download the student voice forum final report here. To download the "Let's Talk About Learning Forum" backgrounder, click here

Let's Talk About Learning

Click here to download a high res version of this poster.

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