Templeton Iron Chef Cooking Competition Lights Up the Taste buds of Chef Rob Feenie

On Wednesday, January 30, Vancouver Templeton Secondary culinary students went head to head to determine which team's cuisine will "reign supreme".

Templeton's cafeteria was transformed into a full kitchen stadium with eight teams of three cooks cooking up a storm in front of a "live studio audience", Templeton Iron Chef host and the constant roving cameras of Templeton's film students.

"This is an phenomenal event that showcases how talented young chefs here at Templeton are," says Margo Murphy, the school's department head of applied skills and the founder of Iron Chef Templeton. "The atmosphere mimics to a tee what you'd see in the popular TV show Iron Chef. Our students have been practicing for months for this one day of culinary battle."

The competition is based around the popular Iron Chef TV show which debuted in Japan and has since spawned remakes in the United States. Student chefs have a set time to prepare dishes from scratch, all under the bright flood lights of "Kitchen Stadium". 

Each team was charged with producing three dishes, an appetizer, an entr�e and a dessert. The dishes were incredibly diverse, ranging from risotto to beef wellington to chocolate brownies. The unifying ingredient? Onion.

All the student chefs had been researching, practicing and organizing their recipes for the past two months.

The competition was judged by Chef Rob Feenie (Canada's first Iron Chef) as well as Chef Dennis Green of the Industry Training Authority and Steve Cardwell, VSB Superintendent of Schools.

At the end of the culinary battle, only one team reigned supreme. This year's winner was Team JeRM. To watch the Global TV news story about the event, click here.

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