"Words Hurt" Anti-Bullying Video by Tupper Students Entered in United Way Contest

Last month, four Tupper Grade 8/9 Learning Support Students created a short YouTube video and entered in the United Way's Care to Change contest. Their anti-bullying video illustrates how words can hurt in a creative way. 

"The video is called 'Words Hurt' and the student's teacher, Sherina Chandra, is excited that her students have an opportunity to contend in this contest, as well as garner support and recognition throughout the District," says Jim Rutley, Vice Principal at Tupper. "The students are carefully monitoring both the views and the votes, appreciating every one of them."

If you like the message from the video, Tupper administrators are encouraging you to consider voting for the video by clicking here prior to February 12, 2013 when the contest closes. 

To vote, click here.

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