VSB and Actsafe Launch Free Online Guide to Promote Safety Practices on School Stages and Sets

Teachers throughout BC will have access to a new online tool this fall to help them manage safety on school stages and sets.

Play it Safe, commissioned jointly by the Vancouver School Board (VSB) and Actsafe, was authored by Janet Sellery, an award-winning health and safety consultant specializing in the performing arts. While the guide was written for a BC audience, many of the resources address common hazards found in many school theatre or studio environments.

Click here to download the Actsafe report.

"Participation in performing arts programs provides important education and social benefits for students. And it's fun," says Actsafe general manager Dawn Brennan. "It's important to realize that there are also risks, ranging from working with electricity and building sets through to stage fighting and allergies to make-up. Play it Safe is designed to help students and teachers understand how to work safely in the performing arts."

While few high school theatre students will go on to work professionally in the performing arts, Brennan says she's confident that putting safety first is a valuable lesson, no matter where young people choose to make their mark.

The comprehensive safety guide is a seven-part manual that includes best practice instructional materials, student handouts, hazard and safety assessment forms, an educators' guide, checklists and resources specific to school theatre environments.

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