Pink Day is Back and is Bigger than Ever

On Wednesday, February 27, VSB staff are urging everyone to put on a pink shirt and join thousands of students, business people and political leaders across our province for a day to celebrate acceptance and unity among youth.  

Pink Day will be celebrated throughout the district at a variety of schools. Organizers say the aim of the activities is to encourage students to create safe and caring learning environments.

This year's Pink Day has already kicked off with a bang. Last month, over 1,800 students from across Metro Vancouver converged at a Giants Hockey game where they wore pink shirts and performed a sychronized dance.The video currently has over 262,000 YouTube views. 

In addition to the video, principals Mette Hamaguchi and Darren Mitzel along with a number of other staff at David Lloyd George Elementary arranged a partnership with the City of Vancouver and Pattison Billboards to post dozens of Acceptance-themed signs across Metro Vancouver. 

Staff say there are lots of activities planned throughout the district for the big pink day. During lunch time on February 27, Gladstone Secondary is planning a flashmob of a hundred students in addition to hallway activities. Later in the afternoon Shaughnessy Elementary will be selling pink shirts for a school fundraiser and McBride Annex is planning a very special Pink Day assembly.

Staff who are planning other events at their schools are encouraged to email VSB communications about what they're up to.To find out more about Pink Day, click here. 

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